Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canning Sweet Peppers

What a nightmare!
Oh well, this sacrifice of a perfectly warm and sunny afternoon will benefit us through ought the winter.
I tend to idealize cooking and baking, but when it comes to canning and preserving, the process is often arduous, messy and (because of my laziness) disorganized.
Mom spearheaded this one, and together we canned about 2 bushels of red, bell peppers.
Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but processing summer produce turns our dainty kitchen into a mini-factory.
We charred the red peppers under the broiler, on all sides. Then they were steamed in bowls covered with cling wrap. We peeled them, and soaked the silky strips in water to remove any lingering seeds. They were stuffed into sterilized jars and topped with a vinegar/oil/water solution, then finally heat-processed with lids. This was a day of pure, messy sacrifice.
My hands are stained red. Are you on the 100-mile diet? Do you want to eat red-peppers during the winter too? Call me up next summer. We'll bear the brunt together!

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