Friday, October 14, 2011

Cooking TV Show in Post-Production Stage...

Hey Everyone. Long time, no-post! School has been BEYOND hectic and combined with work, sports' teams, homework and scholarship applications, I have been cooking less and blogging even less than that. On top of everything, the main floor of our house is getting re-floored and so our kitchen has been moved into our living room. I have yet to find a place that specializes in 100-mile take-out. Until I can properly cook again, here's a juicy bit of fodder to whet your appetite. 2 months ago, I taped a cooking show with a fantastic production crew and co-host. It's only a pilot episode (to be shopped around to network studios) but it's absolutely fantastic! The theme? "Teenage-food, reinvented!" Once it's available to watch on the web, I'll link you to it from CwC.


  1. I'm soooo pumped!!! Can't wait to see what your going to whip up.
    Good luck

  2. Well, crossfit gets ME soooo pumped!!!
    So I think we have a good deal going here :)