Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner

 This year, high school let out December 23rd. My intentions to prepare an elaborate feast for Christmas Eve were easier said than done. The last week of school was deathly busy: planning assemblies, writing finals, tying up loose ends, etc. Two days before the big event I decided it would be necessary to scale back my good-intentions. I opted for "assembly" type dishes and put all my effort into a few show stoppers: brisket, pâté, cheesecake and a sticky-date torte. For the rest, guests were content to nibble on whatever bits of food I threw at them: crusty bread and sliced fruit around a bubbling pot of fondue, ripped-up pomegranates, mincemeat tarts, roasted brussels sprouts, crispy potatoes, a spread of my mother's cookies, etc. 
It was a lovely meal, and in all honesty, was a lot less fuss than last year's. This one "featured" 100-mile ingredients. Had I had more than a few hours to throw this together, perhaps I would have gone all-out. 
P.S. Check out the glass of apple cider I'm holding sideways! Gelatine is a marvellous thing!

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