Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gift Idea: Cheap Student Edition

Last weekend, some pals and I celebrated a lovely lady's birthday! When it comes to gift giving, true friends expect two things: A) A "non-gift" because your shared friendship is beyond material worth and B) To be blown away by whatever you get them, because your friendship has spanned years, countries, boyfriends, etc. No doubt, you can relate to this dilemma. Solution: if you like to cook and happen to run a cooking blog, make them a spread of delightful finger-foods accompanied by fruity cocktails.

My Saturday night menu included: pesto/asparagus puff-pastry triangles, mini blue cheese/caramelized onion/crimini tarts, thai rice wraps with sweet and sour peanut sauce, a spring salad and eggs "mimosa." It wasn't exactly the "Food & Wine, September issue" of combinations, but it was fuss-free and tasty. Despite a few years of kitchen wisdom, webisodes and a newspaper article, I still get nervous serving my edible creations to groups of people. I'll convince myself that whatever I prepared was in fact mediocre, and everyone thus far has been humouring me.Which brings me to my third point. C) Good friends will vocalize any crap you feed them (literally and figuratively). They'll like the lemon/berry cocktails but won't palate that text message read aloud...

Happy Birthday to a friend who knows when to brew another pot of coffee and add insult to injury with chocolate cake and ice-cream. Much love and best wishes on this 18th year of awesome.