Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Guess the price! Lower...lower...think subterranean"

Everybody loves a good adventure in Toronto's Chinatown. My friend Naomi can attest to the fact that I flipped out more than a dozen times, marvelling at dirt-cheap copper bake-wear, or bamboo steamers, or gargantuan mortar and pestles, or spring-form pans for $5. If you're like me and take pleasure in sighting rare breeds of mushrooms, dried shell-fish and vegetables and fruits whose name you've never heard of, then walk the few blocks where Dundas meets Spadina. After we braved a torrential downpour outside, Naomi and I sought refuge in our favourite dumpling house (also dirt-cheap). Despite the missing sake, greasy noodles and pork & chive dumplings were almost as good as the company. Everybody needs a friend with whom they can enjoy dirty tacos on a 2nd floor "restaurant," sympathize over delicious photos of food and discuss the sanctity of pastrami on rye. But we have our boundaries. She won't do steak tar-tar and I won't listen to more than 10 minutes of her ramblings on Marx's Communist Manifesto. One thing is certain - deliciousness is never lost in translation.

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