Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Never did I appreciate Thanksgiving to the extent that I did this past weekend. Family and friends know that I spent the past two months undergoing orientation/bootcamp into the Canadian Forces, and my new university, RMC. After leaving campus for the long weekend, we made a B-Line for cottage country and spent the long weekend sleeping, eating and sleeping some more. Making Thanksgiving dinner with my mom was the first time I was able to cook in a while! Peeling vegetables, mashing potatoes, straining gravy and carving turkey were all more enjoyable after a length of culinary deprivation. Of course, pumpkin pie and vanilla bean ice-cream were on the menu. No recipes or cooking tips this time! Although, if I may suggest... I highly recommend adding dried fruits and nuts to your stuffing, along with the turkey giblets and reserved juices. And the brussels sprouts are best roasted and tossed in browned butter. And the rutabaga or turnip could use a dash of maple syrup...but I'll stop there. This is merely a mini update (more posts to come) and wishes that your Thanksgiving was tasty, spent in good company and enjoyed between naps.

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