Sunday, December 16, 2012

Roast Duck, Jerusalem Artichoke Gratin, Kale Toss and Pomegranate Salad

 If you're willing to sacrifice yield for flavour, duck is a fantastic alternative to the usual roasting bird. I flavoured Harold the duck (okay, didn't actually name him...) with orange, anise, rosemary  cloves and other winter-y spices. Make sure to save the drippings for other dishes where a spoon of a high smoking-point fat is of use. I coated the salad's spelt bread croutons in duck fat and spices and toasted them on a baking sheet. Also, don't let excess duck skin go to waste when you can roast it and slice it for a topping where bacon would be used.

The Jerusalem artichoke gratin was split with half potatoes to lend the starchy softens that pairs so well with a creamy sauce and cheesy topping. The kale was done up with caramelized onions and re-hydrated dried cranberries to combat the leaf's bitterness. The salad was a mix of lettuce, pea-sprouts, pomegranate seeds, apples and spinach. I dressed it with a maple vinaigrette  given the season. Most of the ingredients for this dinner were acquired from the local farmer's market...a treat to buy local after having eaten generic school food for a few months.



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