Friday, August 9, 2013

Berry Sangria

There are a lot of sangrias out there, and as my old room-mate Jessica has come to learn, I pride myself in trying every variety, at every restaurant, and making them, on any occasion. Together we've had our fair-share of bad concoctions and have learned that the best sangrias are those which use good ingredients. Trying to hide cheap wine beneath even cheaper orange juice is just plain wrong. Once every so often, I like to think that the former won't repeat itself at yet another sports bar. Disappointment. Okay, so how to do it right: Use a good wine and squeeze the orange juice yourself! Obviously there's more to it than that, but those two things will give you the best possible foundation for add-ons. My favourite wines to use are fruity VQA varieties or full-bodied Spanish reds. Embellish your base formula with berry liqueurs, grenadine, (new favourite -->) lychee juice, and a simple syrup if you still need the sweetness. A bonus to squeezing the fruit juices yourself is that the final drink will remain relatively clear in colour. Store-bought orange juice will turn your drink opaque. Garnish with orange slices, berries and whatever else you fancy.

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