Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's for Dinner? Dorm-Room Edition

We finally put gourmet, university dorm-room cooking to the test! In short, it can work! 
In addition to this, it's possible to do so with a single Walmart-burner, 1 pot, 1 pan and a glass dish.
For ease of learning, I've broken this down into three squads: 

Phase 1 - Go shopping with a close friend to the nearest, crazy-expensive organic food store. Buy things you are confident can be chopped with a hunting knife and require minimal to no preparation. Bonus points if you vie for local products. Pick a few dishes with just a few ingredients each. I was tempted to make a cardamom poached pears and creme anglaise for dessert...but let's be serious. 
Phase 2 - Make use of every students' best friend (the Magic bullet) to do the prep work: chop onions/garlic, blend salad dressings, etc. As you cook, have your sous chef re-arrange their generic dorm furniture to liken an east-Asian dinner party. Scrounge together what serving dishes and cutlery you've bought second-hand or "borrowed" from the cafeteria...or give up and use paper towels. While both of you work, drink wine. It heightens the conversation and frees the mind from the chains of academia. That history paper can wait.
Phase 3 - Invite friends over to dine away the night. If you've successfully over-salted your food and cooked with more butter than is necessary, compliments on your cooking should be plentiful. 

The menu was as follows: 
- Pan-grilled salmon
- Sweet-potato hash with onions/garlic, arugula, dried-fruit and toasted & spiced hazelnuts
- Raw kale and cucumber salad with lemony dressing 
- Dessert - chopped up local fruit with a cooked-in-a-pot maple granola



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  1. Amazing! Cooking with a "Magic Bullet"... rather than shooting with them!