Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check it Out: Dara's Green Juice

Check out one of my favourite cooks, Dara Dubinet, making her famous "green juice." She's a serious raw-foodist who knows her stuff! Since I cannot dole out recipes and photos during my time at school, I figured I could relay some of the food things I love to watch and read during my off-cooking season. While I currently subscribe to a paleolithic diet - QUITE different than a raw food diet - to support my current type of physical training for school/work, Dara cooks in a similar way to that of my teenage years when I had access to organic vegetables from the farm. If you're not lifting heavy or running kilometers a day, eating this way is a quickfire way to feel rejuvenated and close to the earth.


Reflecting back on a year of 100-mile-diet eating, that was my favourite part...feeling connected to the eb and flow of nature and its seasons. Nothing since has come close. Preserving and canning summer fruit and vegetables always put me in such a good mood because when I'd sneak down to the fruit cellar in the middle of a blustery, winter day, I'd have shelves full of fluorescent canned peaches, tomatoes, corn, pickles, chutney, sauces, etc. The old photos you see are right before the apple-canning marathon took place. Trapping a season in a mason jar felt a bit like playing God and screwing with the impermanence of time. But I'm strange like that.

Anyways, the point here is to check out the lovely Dara. Watch a few more of her videos and you might just feel inspired to "get your greens on," as she likes to say. The link to her entire video serious can be found in "Links I Love" on the right, pop-out tab of my blog.

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