Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Balinese Snacks

Balinese peanuts, bananas, dragon-fruit and convenience-store dried-fish crackers were among our favourite snacks on the tropical island. We'd grab our bikes and hit the local market before departing for little adventures into the northern rice patties. After ditching the wheels, we'd hike through the hillside to farm openings and park ourselves (often above peoples' roofs) to chill-out for the afternoon. Another tasty favourite was Nasi Campur, the local meat/rice/veg dish, wrapped up in paper cones for later eating. New Years Eve we treated ourselves to some very crummy champagne which, after our three weeks on the road, tasted like a million bucks! 

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  1. Nice clicks! you are looking pretty and fresh in all snaps. BTW what are you showing in bloody PINK color? Looks like a new plant you discovered during the journey:)