Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nasi Campur in Bali

New Years eve in Ubud, Nimmi and I found ourselves in the oversized kitchen of a very nice Balinese woman. The local dish, Nasi Campur, is comprised of rice, some type of meat or fish, tofu, veg, flat-bread, peanuts, and the typical rice crackers. Basa genep is used to spice the meat and vegetables. A combination of pepper, garlic, onion, chilies (often from Lombok), sesame, nutmeg, terasi, candlenuts, coriander, tumeric, galangal and ginger cover all of your taste-buds. After the delicious meal, we dressed up (as dressed-up as backpackers can get) and hit the centre of town in Ubud to catch some traditional Balinese dancing and fireworks.

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