Sunday, April 13, 2014

Speedy Upside Down Cake

I got the idea for this from an old British cookbook I found years ago when scouring the cottage cupboards for last-minute dessert ideas. It's a simple upside down cake, but instead of a tall and thick cake batter with raw fruit on the bottom (taking a while to bake in the oven), you use a light and airy sponge-cake batter and already cooked fruit jam. I made a quick lemon sponge with some extra citrus zest and orange juice to amp up the flavor and a cherry preserve for the bottom. If you're really impatient like me, and refuse to wait for the whole damn cake to cool and invert, just cut into sections and invert slice by slice. Top with yogurt and honey to play on the light & quick theme. Ain't nobody got time for that ice cream scoopin' and chocolate drizzle. It;s not the most beautiful of desserts out there, but if you get the sponge moist enough (oil, oil, butter, milk/juice, oil!) nobody will complain.

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