Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wine & Cheese Done Right

Here's another example of what students can put together if they're enthusiastic enough. Cubes of cheddar and mozzarella are fine, but this was so much better! We got four cheeses (all from a specialty store in Kingston): smoked Gouda, Notredame Brie, St. Agur blue, and sharp vintage cheddar. Breads and crackers were bought from Kingston's famous Panchancho bakery, and extra sides included: olive tapenade, dried figs, grapes, dark chocolate drops and milk-chocolate honeycombs. Check out my friends' wine review site: From Boxes to Bottles *Hint: click "show full review" to get the full experience. Josh and Nate do an excellent (and hilarious) job at taking the fuss out of understanding wines for the non-connoisseurs out there. They even include suggested drinking music - genius! The Masi Valpolicella, among other bottles, we enjoyed was paired with some good ol' Michael Buble. And, Nate did well to get us a Chardonnay to enhance the blue cheese. All in all, it was a perfect night capped off with some proper guitar playing.


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