Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dorm Room Edibles

One of the biggest challenges I've faced (as a food lover, avid home cook, and previous organic farm-hand) these past two years has been coming to terms with student food that is less environmentally and nutritionally conscious. Naturally, university crowds and military college life demand food that will satisfy the majority. This typically constitutes large servings of what I would dub "filler food." It fills bellies, tastes alright, and keeps us going through hours of classes and athletic practices. Optimization of nutrients is second to getting the masses fed... SO! We can get a little creative in our own time and supplement our diets! Now, on the scale of zero to hippy, this resonates pretty darn close to cracking open a durian and slipping on some hemp shoes. But, athletic individuals need vitamins, so one must get creative in the face of pizza and fries. Lately I've ventured beyond blending green smoothies in my room and entered the world of actually growing their ingredients! Spouts can be grown in a mason jar on a sunny windowsill with minimal attention paid. When they're done - usually about 4-6 days - you can eat them in salads, with fruit, stuffed into dates, blended into smoothies, or whatever you feel like. I buy my seeds from Mum's Sprouting Seeds and have had excellent results. My faves are adzuki beans, broccoli brassica blend, chia, crunchy bean mix, garbanzo, radish, and spicy lentil. They say one must use a wire mesh screen to make the soaking/washing/draining process easier, but it still works without one. I recommend getting a few jars going at once, spaced 2-3 days apart in starting, and on constant rotation, so you have a constant supply of 'em!

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