Monday, July 21, 2014

What To Do With Kohlrabi

One of my favourite CSA gems, kohlrabi, is an awesome vegetable I only came onto a few years ago. It's hard to find at grocery stores, and when you do, it's often past its prime. It comes in soft green, purple, and white. Buy it fresh at the market for optimal flavor, and you'll also score the ability to still use the greens. Grocery store kohlrabi greens are usually woody, bitter, or wilted. The bulbous bottom tastes like a cross between broccoli stem, radish, and apple. It can be peeled and eaten raw or cooked. The greens can be eaten raw if they're young and fresh, or sauteed similar to winter greens if they're older and tougher. Here are some ideas to use this funky vegetable:
  • Kohlrabi and apple matchstick salad with mustard-y dressing
  • Pureed into any cream of vegetable soup
  • Sauteed watercress and kohlrabi with garlic
  • Shredded and made into fritters (like potato hash-browns)
  • Roasted with root vegetables 
  • Cut into disk rounds and steamed until tender, served with butter and salt (on that note, radishes prepared the same way are fantastic)
  • Celery root and kohlrabi mash, as an alternative to mashed potatoes 
  • Corn, kohlrabi, and cherry tomato salad 

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