Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mason-Jar Teas

I've been making these for a few years now and enjoy how every time they taste different. You can try to replicate your best batch of green/strawberry/mint iced tea, for example, but it will never hit the mark the way you remember a few weeks previous. Therfore, your best bet is to just keep on re-inventing the wheel and surprising yourself. My best concoctions were made when I wasn't a sissy about it - nettle tea, lemon juice, and dill for example, or apple tea/nutmeg/dulche de leche. If you can't replicate something, just 180deg turn and create something new all together! And this is where today's food/life philosophy comes in. In addition to putting transparent liquids and hunks of fruit in a jar (which I strangly think is an exciting way to spend one's afternoon), the same 180 approach works for almost every situation in life. Trying to re-create a memory will never do... you've built it up in your head and altered its pieces. Just do something new altogether and create better ones. Be bold! Then again, I'm 20 and know nothing. Just make the damn tea.

Three easy steps: 
Pour into a big ol' mason jar the following: a pot of tea you didn't finish drinking, any type of fruit, spice, seed, or whatever you care for, and the sweetener of your choice (I most often use stevia drops or raw honey). Let it sit in your fridge overnight, and up to a few days.

Some previous success stories: 
- Green tea/strawberry/mint/stevia
- Nettle tea/lemon/dill/stevia
- Apple tea/nutmeg cloves/dulche de leche syrup
- Orange pekoe tea/orange/honey
- Peppermint tea/basil leaves/stevia
- Blueberry tea/peaches/agave syrup
- Ginger tea/wild berries/stevia
- Green tea/watermelon/basil/stevia
- White chocolate peppermint tea/cinamon sticks/simple syrup

*Turns out carrots and rosemerry are a no-go. We all have to learn the hard way...

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