Friday, December 19, 2014

Orange Angel-Cake with Orange Syrup

What does one do when their place of employment sends them home with 12 leftover egg whites? (I know, awesome right?! Best job ever). ...Making large batches of creme brulee has a way of really screwing with one's morning omelet plans. The answer? Angel food cake! Except, I wanted to amp up the flavour and make the whole dessert orange scented, orange flavoured, and oozing with orange-y syrup. I made a standard angel food cake with a meringue, cake flour, sugar, vanilla, cream of tartar, but with the addition of orange zest. When it was hot out of the oven, I poked it violently with a knife. It was an angel-cake massacre. I then poured over a simple syrup I had made while it was baking: fresh orange juice, water, sugar, and a hint of peppermint extract. Reduce all of those ingredients in a pan until it forms a glossy, thicker liquid. The syrup will soak into all of the cake wounds and make things extra tasty. Pop it onto a cake platter and top the cake with orange segments, and any seasonal fruit. It's the holiday season so I opted for pomegranate. This cake will be a special finish to a girl's night in. It better go well with red wine...

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  1. Wow looks like it is really yummy. i liked the way it looks and i think it could be a best desert to be served with coffee to friends in any evening sitting.