Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Eve Dinner 2014

If you've been following my site for some time, you'll know that Christmas Eve dinner in an Italian household constitutes more attention than the 25th's spread the following night. Compared to previous years, mom and I toned things down. We split the cooking duties and each made five dishes. I looked after a luscious creamed pumpkin and sweet potato mash with cinnamon, lentils and chorizo with wine sauce, endive and pickled beet appetizers, phyllo/spinach/blue cheese triangles, and a variety of Christmas cookies. Preparing everything the night or week before freed up the entirety of Christmas Eve day. I slept in, hit the gym, and read a few chapters of whatever novel my English degree dictated at that time. In past years, preparation was a three day process; but this time around was a no sweat event. I plan on next year's Christmas being spent at a new home, somewhere hot in the world. Maybe you'll get to read about a hodge-podge festive dinner shared on the floorboards of tropical yurt. One can hope...

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