Thursday, January 1, 2015

Endive Boats with Nut Pate and Pickled Beets

This year's Christmas Eve dinner featured a number of different appetizers. My favourite among them was this little combination: endive spears, a walnut/sunflower seed/shredded carrot/garlic/tahini/parsley pate, and matchstick pickled beets. The pate was a matter of throwing all of the ingredients in the food processor, while the beets were made by julienning 1/2 a raw beet, coating in vinegar/sugar/salt, pouring over boiling water and letting stand for a few hours. The boiling water was enough to soften the beets, considering their size and flash-cooking time. Assembly is even simpler. Cut off the end of an endive, break off the spears, lie flat on a board, spoon in a few tablespoons of pate, and top with a bunch of the colourful beet slivers. The combination of flavours is unexpected, fresh, crisp, raw, but still satisfying thanks to the rich pate. Five or six of these would easily make a great dinner.

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