Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Better Wrap

This is going to be my new go-to snack to make when people are over at my place. These wraps satisfy people on all diets. Even meat-eaters will be happy with how dense and and bulky these turn out. I use sprouted-grain/flax tortillas (see here) and whatever goodness I have lying around in the fridge. The key to making them rock, in my opinion, is having a sufficient "base" ingredient. In this case, I mixed pumpkin hummus and spinach pesto. Ever wonder why Mexican burritos are so good? It's the bean base! Anything rich and gooey holds the rest of the ingredients together. No one likes those dry and crunchy tortillas packed with nothing but lettuce and dust. Not only do they lack in flavour, but they unravel in your hands. Pack in the goo and you'll be a happier person. So, a thick layer of hummus and pesto, and then I topped each with a big handful of spouts, some shredded carrots and beets, strands of roasted red pepper, salt, and black pepper. Roll the tortilla up and keep your hands on the shape until promises to not let go of itself. If you use enough of your base ingredient, the gooey tortilla will keep all of your wanted promises. I promise you.

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