Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Dinner

While I do love a romantic restaurant once in a while, being served beautiful food cuts out all the fun in making it! That's why, for Valentine's Day, me and my guy cooked our own delicious meal. While he lit a big fire at the cottage, I got to roasting sweet potatoes and trimming vegetables. We shared an awesome bottle of champagne and enjoyed eachothers' company in the kitchen. The build-up of cooking is really the best part, in my opinion. Get some nice music playing, cheers a drink, and work on things side by side. The photo is a little blurry, as it was taken later in the night, but we made a mash of celery root and russet potatoes, topped with slow caramelized onions, lentils, and mushrooms, and then sweet potatoes crusted in rosemary and cracked pepper. A little lemon zest in the celery root mash at the end was a perfect touch. That happened when I wasn't looking -- he's learning well! This dinner was vegan, low on oil (just a little coconut oil here and there), and low in salt. The root vegetables were locally sourced, and everything was simply prepared. As we're both adamant about brightening health and fitness, the best part of the meal, for me, was sharing it with someone who totally subscribes to the same philosophy. A lot of folks might have felt shortchanged without the butter, chocolate, and sweets, but I love that I've found a person with whom I can be super healthy and still make the scene romantic. Instead of creme brulee or lobster, we chose vegetables and more vegetables. And instead of a fancy restaurant, we opted for incense and smooth jazz inside a cabin. That's love, right? Someone you can be weird with and call it cool? I hope you had a delicious Valentine's day too!

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