Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dude Brunch 101

Leftover Mexican-night food made for perfect brunch ingredients the following morning. A big pot of re-fried beans and rice greeted us in the fridge, in addition to sauteed peppers, corn/mango/tomato salad with lime dressing, guacamole, and a black bean/cabbage slaw. Re-heat the beans and rice, and pile each condiment onto quarters of the plate. Scramble a few eggs and add a little hot sauce or chilli to coordinate with the theme. Other buildable options might include: spiced sweet potatoes, grilled/fried tomatillo slices, salsa verde, caramelized onion spread, etc. Toss some toast on the side - I used pumpernickel because that's all I had kickin' around - so you have something with which to build your brunch sammies. Reheated corn-tortillas would also be an excellent choice. In fact, I made this same dish for friends the following weekend and they made yummy breakfast wraps. Garnish with cilantro and a fried egg... if you can count a whole fried egg as a "garnish."

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