Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Apple, Spinach, Cucumber Smoothie

When not using bananas in a smoothie, it is important to find both sweetness and creaminess in other ingredients. Take this morning drink for example. I balanced the tartness of a green apple with pineapple juice and stevia. A few slices of avocado added at the end, like mentioned in previous posts, make a smoothie rich and buttery. I always advocate for using a small amount of "fat" in your smoothie (ie: avocado, a little spoon of coconut oil, raw dairy, etc). to avoid the mixture separating and looking unappealing. Creamy ingredients work to bind starchier ingredients and produce one smooth, consistent colour. Cucumbers have also been a new favourite of mine lately. Just cut a large hunk of the vegetable and toss it into the mix. Its flavor works seamlessly with both fruit smoothies and veggie-only versions; plus, it's ultra refreshing in the hot weather.

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