Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A New Dude Cooking Blog... if my kale smoothies aren't "manly" enough for you

Regular Cooking with Claire readers might have noted the boy who occasionally graces my blogposts. Josh is one of my best friends, and now - exciting news - his very own blog-owner! Okay, is totally free and thus chalk-full of some pretty lame sites, but every now and then a person comes along and claims a unique niche; a place from which they provide a refreshing perspective and quality ideas. He has moved from behind the camera (taking all those photos of me playing Vanna White with kale and quinoa) to producing his own content. Josh occupies the "military man + yogi = military yogi man" domain, and he'd love if you gave his new blog a look. How does a man cook vegan, practice yoga, look dashing, stay well-read, but also fly planes full-time? Hop on over to The Mindful Aviator to find out. *Note: we're talkin' brand new, like one or two posts... He can also be seen on Instagram here.

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