Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cold Weather Nutrition

As the temperature falls, food naturally turns to hot, comforting dishes: stews, roasts, warm drinks, etc. While I love breaking-in my slow-cooker for the season, nutritionally I notice the deficit of vitamin-rich food. Cooking absolutely everything - porridge in the morning, soup for lunch, more hot food for dinner - leaves our bodies at a loss for snappy, fresh nutrients. Immediately, we don't notice the symptoms, but they creep in through out the season. We feel more sluggish, less desiring to exercise, perhaps more irritable, etc. It's why fresh strawberries, asparagus, and peas are so welcomed in the spring! Sustaining oneself with a portion of raw, living foods through ought the cold season, I have personally found, is optimal for physical and mental health. Adding some fresh citrus or apple cider vinegar is also important, along with healthy fats/oils. This lunch creation was the perfect antidote. As usual, there is no recipe required!

1. Base: butterhead lettuce cups; the last of our farm-share's crop
2. Filling: chopped red pepper, homegrown sprouts (awesome winter food!!), homemade sauerkraut, hemp seeds, and a few slices of avocado. Basically, fill with any chopped ingredients in your fridge. *Things that grow together during the season will naturally taste good together.
3. Garnish: a sprinkling of specialty Saltverk salt my brother picked up during his Iceland travels. Thanks Andrew! And, a squeeze of lime juice. Any flaky finishing salt, like Maldon, would be a great substitute.

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  1. Cooking with Claire is always fun as she shares interesting and exciting dishes. I love her recipes. The pictures are lovely. Thanks for this share. You are doing awesome work!