Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flexible Meal Prepping

Here's an example of what I might throw together for lunch on any given day. It may look fancy, but I promise this is as simple as a making a sandwich, or heating a bowl of soup. If you "meal prep" one day per week - in the form of: making flax crackers, hummus, soaking and cooking lentils and rice, boiling some root vegetables, baking a squash, starting sprouts, making a small batch of sauerkraut, etc - you'll have all the components to make healthy fast-food on demand. It takes about 2 hours on a Sunday, but it makes eating clean a breeze the rest of the week. Instead of stocking my fridge with actual meals, this method allows me to create whatever I feel like that afternoon/night. Perhaps I want to use a portion of the cooked chickpeas to make a vegetable stew, or a veggie burger, or to toss in a salad. I'm not locked into measured portions of macro-nutrients. That might work for body builders, but I genuinely look forward to the creating of food. It's an artistic outlet, and therefore it's nice to have a pallet of ingredients to choose from. Instead of "meal prepping" I think a better option is "meal potential-ing." Then you get in the habit of nourishing yourself everyday, creatively; only, it takes ten minutes.

For this plate: Lay some raw chard leaves on a cutting board. Place a little amount each of daikon radish, red pepper, avocado, sprouts, and homemade sauerkraut, and roll up. Slice in half. Cut a cooked potato into slices. On a few flax crackers, smear some avocado, top with chickpeas. Salt and pepper. Done.

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  1. This platter looks so colourful with all the healthy and nutritious ingredients. It seems really easy and simple to make. Thanks for sharing recipe.