Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nourishing Dinner Bowl

You know, the more I learn about cooking - fancy techniques, flavor pairings, luxury ingredients, etc. - the simpler I end up eating. You'd think, given the slew of amazing culinary influences in my radius, that the outcome would be the opposite. Give me a bowl of rice, lentils, swiss chard, and tomatoes and I am a happy woman. It's amazing what happens when we turn our attention away from intensely sweet/salty/fatty food and direct it back towards Mother Nature. All of a sudden, fruit becomes exceedingly decadent. Tomatoes and celery, by virtue of their water content, provide a natural saltiness. And, items like cashews and coconut oil posses all the richness desired. It took me about a year to ween off of, and no longer desire "standard" Canadian foods. It was a patient and forgiving process. If I wanted a little cheese, I'd have it. If an egg or two found its way into my breakfast, then so be it. Now that I am here, however - eating a vegan diet, featuring about 75% raw, local foods - I relish in how genuinely satisfying it is to sustain oneself in this manner. It's cheap, easy, nourishing, and hella' simple to re-create wherever I may be in the world. Gone are the days where I am worried about cross-contaminating a cutting board, not having enough of an expensive main-ingredient, or facing an apocalyptic kitchen cleanup. Eating this way is liberating! And I am so glad to have caught-on early in life. If you're transitioning out of a Standard American Diet, and into a simpler, healthier, and/or more local way of eating, my advice is to be patient with yourself. Know that your senses are dulled from over-stimulating foods, and your taste receptors will interpret natural food as bland. This is overcome through diligence and time. Eventually, apples will be sweet again. Many friends of mine have non-intentionally fallen into the same path by virtue of their desire for simplicity, health, or more money in their pockets. People think vegetarianism or veganism is a weird/high-maintenance sub-category of society, but I like to think of it as the opposite: getting back to basics. When you feel alive, vibrant, abundant in energy, clear-thinking, and satiated, you want to yell your diet secret from the roof tops. The saying: "To help others, you must help yourself first," directly applies. Edible environmentalism is a most perfect example.

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  1. This looks like a different recipe. Combining different ingredients without following any particular recipe gives you something different. Experimenting is good and exciting!