Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What to Do with Bitter Lettuce

Whenever I have a head of lettuce that's over-grown, bitter, or end-of-season, I try to work with it's woodiness instead of disguise it. A delicate salad would only highlight its toughness, so instead why not use it as a wrap? Or, you can marinade it with a rich dressing. Treat it as you would chard or kale. This bundle of thick romaine made great little "tortillas." I flattened the leaves, removed the centre rib, then spread a layer of creamy pumpkin seed cheese (recipe here). Top with whatever crunchy vegetables you like. I used homemade sauerkraut, shredded kholrabi, and a little of the cooked spaghetti squash you see in the back. Season with salt and pepper - my brother gifted me black Icelandic sea salt from his latest adventure - and roll up the leaves. Tuck the edges under and place close together on a plate so they keep their shape. If you want to use chard leaves instead of lettuce, give them a good massage after removing the centre rib. Soaking them for an hour in a little lemon juice + water also helps. Or, be bold and just eat them raw. Dishes like this are supposed to be no-fuss. So, "cutting corners" is often healthier - appreciating food in its most natural state.


  1. The way you have used cummy-lettuce that’s very nice and I’m going to follow this trend.

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