Claire Matlock

Age: 23
Waterloo, Ontario
Currently Live: Madrid, Spain 
Education:  BA Honours English Language and Global Literature
University of Waterloo & Royal Military College of Canada 
Work: Teaching English as Foreign Language
Hobbies: Travelling, fitness, painting, yoga, and of course, cooking!
Pantry Staples: Coconut oil, tahini, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, chia seeds, seaweed, nutritional yeast, oats, quinoa, , stevia extract, a variety of teas, and my tonic ingredients

I'm a Canadian-born, Italian girl who loves everything to do with health and wellness. I started cooking as a young child and have worked in professional kitchens, on farms, at farmers' markets, and a cooking school since then. As a teenager, I adopted the 100-Mile Diet for a year. And, with much press coverage, my humble website grew into the Cooking with Claire you see today. I feature affordable, creative, plant-based dishes which cater to all diets. Through a local CSA (community shared agriculture), I have access to the most beautiful edibles during Ontario's growing season. That said, I also enjoy experimenting with rarer ingredients - like tonic herbs, roots, and foraged plants - to demystify for readers the world of medicinal cooking. As a young person, I view food as extremely relevant. We are voting with our "food-dollars" three times per day. We can take care of our bodies, our communities, and our planet by simply changing the way we eat! "As within, so without." 

Join me as I share weekly recipes, kitchen ideas, and 20something life rambles. If you enjoy Cooking with Claire, feel free to subscribe.

Much love,  

~ Claire